What We Do

Ontrac offers a wide range of group classes, which are a social and cost effective way to do tailored exercise programs. Our small classes are held in a safe and comfortable environment, under the trained eye of our qualified health professionals.

Why should I join a group class?

Our EP’s can individually tailor the class to keep you working at a safe and appropriate level of exercise and then progress you as your ability and strength improves. You will:

  • Learn the latest rehabilitation exercises
  • Ensure your form and technique is correct
  • Stay motivated, consistent and on-track with your program

How do I join a group class?

To take part in our group exercise classes, an initial consultation and assessment must be conducted. Following this, an appropriate, individualised group exercise program can be created and you can be booked into your first group exercise class.
Classes are aimed at those who want to improve their day-to-day function but have either pain or limitation of movement, which means they require modification of exercises as determined by their assessment.

What are some benefits of group classes?

  • Safe and controlled
  • Guided by a qualified exercise physiologist
  • Personalised to your needs
  • A fun and social environment
  • Exercise with people of a similar age range and capability
  • Claimable on private health insurance with extras cover.
Class structureClass levelsWhat to wear
There are usually 10 people per class with a maximum number of 12 people per class.
Small classes allow for one-on-one attention to your exercise technique and hands-on correction of your form and technique as needed.
Classes are 60 minutes duration.
We offer a wide range of group classes from beginner to advanced levels.
Our comfortable clinic gyms and hydrotherapy pools are set up with state of the art equipment, suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels.
We advise wearing light, comfortable clothing and appropriate, closed footwear.
For all exercise-based treatment sessions and group classes, please bring a water bottle, towel and any required medications.

Check out our class timetable here.



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