Injury Rehabilitation

Help with injury rehabilitation

ONTRAC can assist you with workplace, motor accident and personal injuries – so that you feel better, recover quicker and return to normal functionality faster.

We do this by applying the principles and practices of Exercise Physiology and Dietetics.

Exercise Physiology in particular can really make a difference. It is used as a prescription to treat and manage your injury. The aim is to improve outcomes by promoting recovery and preventing the onset of long term disability and work loss.

Diet and nutrition (Dietetics) is often used in conjunction with Exercise Physiology to speed up recovery and help you get back to your normal life more quickly.

WorkCover, CTP and Comcare

WorkCover NSW, the Motor Accidents Authority NSW and Comcare have all authorised ONTRAC to provide specialised treatment services for injuries suffered in the workplace or as a result of motor vehicle accidents.

How can Exercise Physiology make a difference?

Exercise Physiology rests on the principle and practice of using exercise as medicine. Applied clinically, exercise has been proven to increase quality of life, speed up recovery and successfully prevent, treat and improve workplace, motor accident and personal injuries.

At ONTRAC we create, manage and monitor clinical exercise in a safe and comfortable clinical environment. Treatments are carried out by our Accredited Exercise Physiologists (AEPs) with the aim of promoting recovery and preventing the risk of long term disability or the loss of work. Progress is strictly monitored and risk factors are carefully assessed.

Benefits of Exercise Physiology for injury rehabilitation

There are significant benefits to patients, doctors, insurers, case managers and employers when Exercise Physiology is applied to injury rehabilitation, including:

  • Early, safe and durable return to daily work activities.
  • Sustained improvement in functional activity and independence.
  • Less pain, better movement and more mobility in a shorter period of time.

How is Exercise Physiology administered?

We use gym-based exercises – either in an individual or group setting. After an assessment we create an Exercise Physiology Management Plan (EPMP) tailored for each person.

We also use hydrotherapy and other physical activities – all in a safe and comfortable clinical environment. This can include pain management when needed and sometimes diet and nutrition interventions.

How is Exercise Physiology different to Physiotherapy?

Exercise Physiology focuses on active treatments in a clinic based or hydrotherapy setting to improve the strength and condition of the injured area and restore functionality. Physiotherapy provides acute, early stage intervention, whereas Exercise Physiology treats chronic, longer term conditions in patients and clients.

Getting started

Talk to your GP, surgeon or work-related injury consultant to arrange a referral to one of ONTRAC’S specialised assessment programs.

You can also submit a referral or we suggest you contact us directly as we can assist with application and administration requirements.

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You can find more information and answers to more questions on our FAQs page.


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