How can I refer a patient?

You can call one of our clinics directly or fax your referral to (02) 8282 6380

Referrals can be emailed to admin@ontrachealth.com.au

On our website there is a facility to download referral forms and submit them online.

What communication can I expect from practitioners regarding patients?

We provide efficient and timely communication for all client or patient types.

Following the initial consultation, an initial report will be written and sent to you. Following a periodic review consultation, a progress report will be written and sent to you. We also call you to discuss the progress of your patients throughout the treatment duration.

Feel free to contact one of our clinics directly or email admin@ontrachealth.com.au to reach a practitioner at any time to discuss a patient or client.

Do you treat Worker’s Compensation / WorkCover injuries?

We are specialists in WorkCover, worker’s compensation and workplace related injuries. A referral is required from a doctor or health professional so that we can seek approval from the insurer to conduct an initial assessment. It is important to also provide us with the following information:

  • Insurance company
  • Case manager name and contact details
  • Claim number and medical certificate

We are authorised under WorkCover NSW, Comcare and the Motor Accident’s Authority NSW.

How is Exercise Physiology different from Physiotherapy?

Exercise Physiology focuses on exercise based treatments in a clinic-based gym or hydrotherapy setting to improve the strength and condition of the injured area and restore functionality. Exercise treatment programs are implemented under supervision to ensure correct technique and performance to achieve the right results. Physiotherapy provides acute, early-stage assessment and hands-on treatment to relieve and pain and restore function. Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists work as a team to manage your problems from the acute stage through to functional strengthening so you can safely return to sport, work and your usual daily activities.


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