About Us

We understand that doctors and allied health professionals are time poor, so we work hard to ensure your experience with us is hassle-free. We work hand in hand with you as part of the treatment team.
Professional and highly organised, we want to help deliver a seamless experience for your patients and create a program that addresses their specific needs and conditions.

About our team

Ontrac’s practitioners are all Accredited Exercise Physiologists (AEPs) or Accredited Practicing Dietitians (APDs) and work alongside doctors and other allied health professionals as part of the treatment team.
Accreditation is provided through the national industry body ESSA (Exercise and Sports Science Australia) or DAA (Dietitians Association of Australia).

Our philosophy and approach

As allied health professionals, we are highly focused on best practice. Our AEP’s and APD’s are all highly trained and adhere to our quality-first policy and attitude.
We provide efficient and timely communication for all client or patient types.
Following the initial consultation, a report will be written and sent to you. Following a periodic review consultation, a progress report will be written and sent to you. We will also call you to discuss the progress of your patients throughout the treatment duration.
Our aim is to build true partnerships with doctors, surgeons and other allied health professionals to achieve defined outcomes and get great results for your patients.

Workplace related injury

We are specialists in WorkCover, worker’s compensation and workplace related injuries. If you have a WorkCover referral, we’ll respond quickly and we’ll take over much of the paperwork for you. We give comprehensive reports on progress and we keep in touch if we have a question or need additional information.


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